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Datadisk jen pro PC 06. února 2009 21:55:18

Datadisk Soviet Assault k World in Conflict bude vydán pouze pro PC.
V 22. lednové ráno nám Ubisoft oznámil, že pro World in Conflict bude vydán datadisk, který bude pouze pro PC. Později tentýž den také ještě ohlásili, že datadisk Soviet Assault bude vydán v březnu a bude společně online stažitelný s celou hrou.

"Momentálně vydáme Soviet Assault pouze pro PC a nemáme žádné plány vydat ho v kompletní edici na konzole", říká mluvčí Ubisoftu.

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Instead, some passed out fliers containing the city seal and the words: "By order of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, this notice terminates your tenancy and requires you to attend the Occupy L.A. Eviction Block Party," which the fliers' said was scheduled for 12:01 a.m.
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Others attended teach-ins on resistance tactics, including how to stay safe should police begin firing rubber bullets or breaking out tear gas canisters and pepper spray.
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"Their plan is to resist the closure of this encampment and if that means getting arrested so be it," said Will Picard, one of the protesters. "I think they just want to make the police tear it down rather than tear it down themselves."
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Police, for their part, have said little about what tactic they would take if protesters ignore the deadline.
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Chief Charlie Beck told reporters Friday that officers would definitely not be sweeping through the camp and arresting everyone the minute the clock ticks past midnight.
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But in an interview with the Los Angeles Times that was published Sunday, Beck indicated he expects that arrests will become inevitable at some point.

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